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My Almost No Knead Rye Bread Experiment

If you’ve read my blog you know that I am a foodie. And I love to bake too! Its getting chilly here in New England so that only means one thing for me. Bread baking begins! I make a lot of soups in winter and bread is a must to go with it.

I recently subscribed to Cooks Illustrated online and came across their almost no-knead bread method. Sounded foolproof, so I got to work. Apparently NY Times published a recipe for no-knead bread a year ago and it was a craze everywhere. So Cooks came out with their own version adding a little bit of beer to give it that distinctive sourdough flavor. This and many other almost-no-knead bread recipe versions can be found at They even have videos!

I started it last night and it just finished baking this morning and I had to take a picture. I can’t believe how pretty it looks! Renee if you are reading this, you HAVE to try it.

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