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10 Items or Less – My List

Gagan and I recently saw this delightful movie 10 Items or Less. The whole movie is a big conversation between Paz Vega (Gorgeous!!!) and Morgan Freeman. I am yet to see a movie which had Morgan Freeman and did not ROCK! Seriously I LOVE ALL HIS MOVIES!

Anyway, so back to the movie…. Just to give you a little background, Paz Vega (remember the housekeeper in Spanglish!) is a checkout girl at a supermarket who mostly manages the “10 items or less lane”…

My favorite part of the movie is when Vega and Freeman are in the car and she asks him, if you had to choose what would be your “10 items or less” in LIFE!

So here are mine. I am not including people in my list simply because I can’t imagine my life without anyone who is currently in it. Here are my top 10 THINGS!

1. My Laptop
2. Blackberry
3. Sewing Machine
4. My Le Creuset Pot
5. My Recipe Books
6. My Pressure Cooker
7. Jalapenos!
8. Milk
9. My Contact Lenses/Glasses (kinda impossible to see without them) 😉
10. and last but the most important of all – PatternReview!

So if you are reading this, what would be your “10 items or less list?”

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