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My Yellow Socks

Check out my yellow socks. Continuing with my newfound love for yellow… They are still in progress and thanks to the wait at the doctor’s office yesterday I made some progress. I am really torn between my love for sewing and knitting. The cool thing about knitting is that it’s portable and I can manage a few rows a at time. With sewing, not so much. Although my goal for next month is to try to do this with sewing too. Just half an hour every day. One seam at a time. Let’s see if it works.

Back to the socks. Believe it or not, its the same pattern I used in thes e socks but because the yarn was so heavily patterned, it’s hard to see the details. So I decided to give it another shot in this solid yellow yarn which I picked up in Belfast, ME. I am loving the results in this! And you won’t believe how easy this pattern is.

It’s Spring Forward from Just two rows to remember and otherwise it’s just plain stockinette.

Tini, if you are reading this, you’ll love this pattern!

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