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My Yellow Socks

Check out my yellow socks. Continuing with my newfound love for yellow… They are still in progress and thanks to the wait at the doctor’s office yesterday I made some progress. I am really torn between my love for sewing and knitting. The cool thing about knitting is that it’s portable and I can manage a few rows a at time. With sewing, not so much. Although my goal for next month is to try to do this with sewing too. Just half an hour every day. One seam at a time. Let’s see if it works.

Back to the socks. Believe it or not, its the same pattern I used in thes e socks but because the yarn was so heavily patterned, it’s hard to see the details. So I decided to give it another shot in this solid yellow yarn which I picked up in Belfast, ME. I am loving the results in this! And you won’t believe how easy this pattern is.

It’s Spring Forward from Just two rows to remember and otherwise it’s just plain stockinette.

Tini, if you are reading this, you’ll love this pattern!

It’s here It’s here! Well almost

Remember the duct tape dressform Jean Haas made for me when I was in Chicago. Well, since it’s too large to fit in one box, it’s being shipped to me in sections. The revolving base arrived yesterday! OMG I am so excited I can barely sleep.

I am now counting days till it gets here. Oh boy!!!!

A weekend away from… well everything!!!

I have to say that taking my laptop with me and not opening it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a while. Gagan and I were in desperate need of R&R so we decided to go up to Camden, ME this labor day. We left on Friday and came back on Monday. Fortunately for us, it was also the Windjammer Weekend so the tiny town of Camden was pretty lively! We met some really great people there and had a great time.

We walked, hiked, sailed and just relaxed. Sometimes you don’t really need to do anything. This was an intentionally “unplanned” vacation which we simply loved.

We stayed in a cute little B&B just minutes away from downtown and a stone’s throw from the harbor.

When I am on the road, I love to knit. I started my sock on Friday and this is where I am today. Pretty cool right?

The pattern is Spring Forward from

Socks are so addictive arent they? I also stopped by this yarn store in Belfast, ME and bought a couple of balls of this bright yellow sock yarn. What is going on with me? I never liked yellow and now I can’t get enough of it. Well, atleast they will brighten up the cold wintery mornings.

Ok, what is up with yarn stores everywhere? I saw so many of these but not a fabric store in sight 😦 It’s so depressing. I did find this cute oilcloth in an eco-friendly store. See the yellow again 😉

It’s hopefully going to become a bright yellow grocery bag 🙂

BTW I loved Belfast, ME! It’s such a cute town with tons of eco-friendly stores. I bought a bottle of orange essential oil to make my own cleaner, recommended by Everyday Sewist on PR.

There is a vegetarian restaurant, Chase Daily in Belfast which was hands down the best vegetarian meal I’ve had outside in ages. I highly recommend it.

I am back now and finally caught up on my e-mails and other stuff. I can’t wait to drive up there again in a few weeks when the leaves change. They don’t call it ‘The Vacationland’ for nothing 😉

Some photos:

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