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Where have I been?

Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Summer’s almost over. Well I’ve been entertaining all summer long and while it was really nice to have family around, I am kinda glad that I have some time to myself and I can sew again! And cook too! A lot has happened between the time I blogged last and now.

My trip to chicago was super fun. I hung out with some PR members at Vogue fabrics and made new friends, bought fabric to make my lace skirt too. Haven’t done anything on it since then though, but having the fabric is half the battle won right?

Here you go…

The lavender (under the lace) will be the lining and the chocolate brown will be a simple top. I wanted silk but I just couldnt find the color which worked with the lace. So this is polyester, but still very very nice. I am a little nervous about sewing it but you know what… if I don’t sew, I’ll never know 🙂

Now I need to work on some simple skirt patterns. I’ve been hunting on PR and I have selected a few.

New Look 6300. It has the shape I want but zipper in the back. Very easy to move to the side, so this might be a good candidate.

While in Chicago I also got taped for my FIRST Dress Form! I couldnt believe my luck when Jean Haas offered to tape me when I told her I was coming to Chicago. What a fun little day it was. I made myself a quick t-shirt dress from an old rib knit sitting in my stash and she taped me in Vogue Fabrics Class Room. That’s all I’ve been talking about since then. It’s getting stuffed and ready with Jean so I still don’t have it, but it’ll be here very soon. I can hardly wait. I’m just so excited that I think I might even plan a wardrobe for the Dress Form 🙂

Speaking of wardrobes, I haven’t forgotten about my August project. In fact it’s become quite a thing on PR so it’s hard to ignore the goal 😉

I am adding a little twist in my plan. So now every month not only do I have to make a wearable item, but it has to either fill a void in my existing wardrobe or, I have to make a coordinating item for it in the same month!

This month’s project is going to be a white top. It’s going to bring a lot of my garments to life which never got worn because of a lack of white shirt. I don’t think white looks good on me but I’ve been told otherwise so I am giving it a shot.

Oh boy, looks like I am just rambling on arent I? That’s what happens when you only write once a month. Well hopefully you’ll hear from me sooner than that next time. Thanks for reading and being a part of my life.

More Chicago Photos

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