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French Chantily Lace!

Ok so I sorta suck at this blogging thing. I disappeared for a while I know but things have been a little crazy here but today I got a package in the mail which I just had to blog about.

So I met a wonderful PR member at Baltimore at Michael’s fabrics. Robin Denning has been a PR member for a while and she has the perfect glowing skin! I couldn’t stop staring 😉 Anyway, so ever since I took the class with Susan Khalje at the PR weekend in LA, I have a new found love for hand sewing (not that much still) and french lace. Now this lace is super expensive (obviously) and is not easily available.

I had a chance to feel and touch some really gorgeous French Chantily Lace at A Fabric Place in Baltimore recently and I knew I HAD to have it. Still, I couldn’t justify spending $85/yard on a piece of fabric. Robin saw me lusting after the lace and offered a piece from her collection for a steal!

It arrived today and I just have to share it with you. It’s this gorgeous lavender color with sparkly beads all over and a lovely scalloped edge.

Isnt it a beauty?

Now, I need suggestions for a really simple skirt pattern for this fabric. I am thinking a knee length skirt with a zipper on the side. I am thinking of using a contrasting color solid silk as lining for this. What do you think of brown? Also since the skirt is (hopefully) going to be gorgeous, I need to start thinking of a top too. Maybe the silk which is used for the lining can be used to make a top? Or a knit top of the same color?

I have no experience sewing something fabulous like this before so I am going to need all the help I can get on this. But all I can say is that I am pretty excited about this!!!

Maybe this will be my September Project. I am planning on bringing the lace with me to Vogue fabrics in chicago to find a coordinating lining fabric.

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