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July Project – Simplicity 2936

Last month I started a sew along on which got a huge response from others. So now sewing one garment a month is even more fun watching others and motivating each other. I’ve been traveling a lot too and hooking up with other PR members in my travels. It’s a great feeling meeting them and talking about sewing, PR and how it all got started.

My next meet up is in Vogue fabrics in Evanston, IL on July 28th. So exciting!

Here’s a shirt I just finished as my July project. I am really enjoying sewing fun and funky woven prints. I think I’ll give my serger a little rest while I make a few more of these. Granted that they are not the quick and easy projects I am used to but they are definitely more satisfying. However now that I’ve spent a few days basting, stitching and topstitching this, I think I need to make something quick for my upcoming trip to Chicago.

I have some knit left from my June project which will become a quick a-line skirt. I can’t wait to get my custom dress form!

My June Burda arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to start working on some of the cute projects from this issue. I used to subscribe to Burda WOF two years ago but never made that many items so decided to suspend it. But lately there has been a renewed interest in Burda and other pattern magazines on PR that I have no choice 🙂 I broken down and subscribed through Great price there. Since my first issue isnt going to arrive for 6 weeks, I bought the June Burda from

I like a lot of things from this issue but my first project is going to be this super cute shoulder cut out tunic. There are several reviews of this top on PR but my favorite is Christina’s version! I think this top will be perfect with my lace skirt. I might even do some beading on the neckband.

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My very own custom dress form!

This seems to be my lucky month!!! Guess what I am getting soon? Yup I am getting taped for my dress form! And that too from the dress form expert Jean Haas herself.

When I told her about my upcoming trip to Chicago, she offered to create a dress form for me which I’ll be able to carry back with me. I jumped with joy when I got Jean’s email, startling Gagan 🙂 Men… they’ll never get it will they?

Ok so now I need to make a really tight fitting turtleneck dress similar to this American Apparel shirt. Any pattern ideas?

I am so excited!

French Chantily Lace!

Ok so I sorta suck at this blogging thing. I disappeared for a while I know but things have been a little crazy here but today I got a package in the mail which I just had to blog about.

So I met a wonderful PR member at Baltimore at Michael’s fabrics. Robin Denning has been a PR member for a while and she has the perfect glowing skin! I couldn’t stop staring 😉 Anyway, so ever since I took the class with Susan Khalje at the PR weekend in LA, I have a new found love for hand sewing (not that much still) and french lace. Now this lace is super expensive (obviously) and is not easily available.

I had a chance to feel and touch some really gorgeous French Chantily Lace at A Fabric Place in Baltimore recently and I knew I HAD to have it. Still, I couldn’t justify spending $85/yard on a piece of fabric. Robin saw me lusting after the lace and offered a piece from her collection for a steal!

It arrived today and I just have to share it with you. It’s this gorgeous lavender color with sparkly beads all over and a lovely scalloped edge.

Isnt it a beauty?

Now, I need suggestions for a really simple skirt pattern for this fabric. I am thinking a knee length skirt with a zipper on the side. I am thinking of using a contrasting color solid silk as lining for this. What do you think of brown? Also since the skirt is (hopefully) going to be gorgeous, I need to start thinking of a top too. Maybe the silk which is used for the lining can be used to make a top? Or a knit top of the same color?

I have no experience sewing something fabulous like this before so I am going to need all the help I can get on this. But all I can say is that I am pretty excited about this!!!

Maybe this will be my September Project. I am planning on bringing the lace with me to Vogue fabrics in chicago to find a coordinating lining fabric.

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