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Another Friend save the day, June Project

So once again, I relied on a friend to save my project. But that’s just me. I am happiest in the company of my friends and always have been. Like last night sewing till midnight was a blast with Emily. She worked on her Maternity wardrobe while I squeezed in my June project.

I am traveling to Canada next week and meeting Emilie (Jalie co-owner) and wanted to show off my new top (The newest Jalie pattern 2806) in the fabric she sent for me, so this was sort of out of necessity.

So last night everything was going well and I am trying to be patient with the foldover pleat but it was just not cooperating. I tried hand tacking the allowance to inside but that didnt work either. Emily suggested that I try adding some weight inside the top to keep the pleat in place the but I just couldnt come up with a feasible solution.

Enter Donna… the problem solver!

“Lets tack the pleat down sewing through all the layers! And we’ll make the stitches so tiny that they become part of the gathers.” Brilliant! Of course she did the sewing too because unlike her my hand sewing skills are… Pathetic!

She she first basted the pleat down and I tried it on. It was perfect. She then used a coordinating thread and took really tiny stitches on the pleat. I love em!



Here’s my review of Jalie 2806 on

We then went outside to take some photos. So she takes the credit for pretty much half of my June project 🙂

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