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Jeweled up!

My mother in law is visiting and since her b’day is coming up soon, I decided to make something for her. My latest love is jewelry making and she loves big earring so my sister in law and I picked a design we think she’ll like. So this weekend I got the necessary supplies and got to work. Here’s the inspiration photo:

Photo credit

And this is what I ended up with:

If you arent into jewelry but want to learn, earrings are a great way to start. It’s not a lot of investment and they are really easy to begin.

Of course I wasn’t going to keep my supplies way just yet so here’s another thing I made for myself. This was SUPER easy. I saw the design on my local bead store’s website: and the owner of that store helped me pick out the supplies.

The beads are dyed pink jade even though it appears red in the photo. In this, the beads were just strung onto the silver beading chain and crimped into place with tiny crimp beads.

Jodi you’d be so proud of me!

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