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OK, so as you know knitting is another one of my hobbies. Am I good at it? HARDLY! and this post will prove it 🙂 Lets just say I can knit and purl and that’s about it.

So after my first successful attempt at My first knitted t-shirt, I picked a slightly more advanced project:

Sahara by Stitch Diva Studios

Photo credit

Which is all good but never did I realize that in a span of just 5 minutes it’s possible to:
a) start knitting from flat into round
b) start doing short rows
c) drop a stitch and then created a knotty stitch while trying to fix it.
Of course I didn’t realize I did all those things until I took it to the doctors… aka Emily.

Oh what a life saver. Not only did she fix all the things I managed to do wrong, she also showed me what it looks like and basically saved the project.

Moral of the story… Make mistakes and then LEARN from them. Of course verdict is still out whether or not I LEARNT from mine 😉 I still managed to mess things up at her house yesterday but so far so good…

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