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More blues and greens – split neck tee finished!

Remember, back in April I was working on finishing my knitting UFOS? Well I am psyched to show you my FIRST Hand-Knit T-shirt. Sounds silly doesn’t it? I mean, I could finish a t-shirt (and I have) in 45 minutes then why would I want to knit one which takes a month!

Well, for starters because I want to and I can šŸ™‚ And secondly, you’ve gotta see it to really appreciate the hand knit garments. You can experiment with such luxurious yarns and feel so special when you wear them. And third… knitting is portable. I can take my project with me wherever I go.

Summer is hardly the time to knit, right? Wrong… I love cotton and cotton blend yarns you can find these days and there is a sort of “ZEN” like feeling when I knit. I can forget about pretty much everything else and just remember the rows and stitches. Ok, so here’s a photo I snapped this morning with my handy dandy tripod. I tell you, you’ve got to get yourself one of these. It’s total freedom. Especially if you blog or write reviews, you need to take lots of photos. OK back to the finished item…

When I picked the contrasting yarn for the trim I wasnt so sure about the color but I really think that it makes the whole garment “pop” and adds a punch to it. Don’t you think?

Ok, a little bit about the pattern:

Pattern: Split Neck Tee From Fitted Knits Book by Stephanie Japel
Yarn: Main – Classic Elite Flash
Contrast – Tahki Cotton Classic

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