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A Trip to WEBS

This is for you Tini! Back in Germany I promised her that whenever I go to WEBS, I’ll blog about it and take some pics. So here you go…

So a few weeks ago I was meeting someone (can’t say who just yet) and we both decided to meet in the charming town of Northampton. Northampton is located in Western Mass and is just a few minutes away from UMASS. It’s a historic little town with great energy and the best part?

WEBS is there! If you knit, you already know about

21,000 sq. feet of yarn, everywhere!!! What more could one ask for?

Of course being the enabler that I am, I emailed Tini if she wanted me to pick up anything for her and her list came right when I checked my Blackberry (love that thing!) outside of WEBS.

I picked up a few basics for myself and a lot of yarn for Tini 🙂

Finding the yarn was so easy. Every bin has a tag hanging which lists the yarn type, gauge, yardage, fiber content and pretty much all the info you’ll ever need to know about the yarn.

WEBS also gives a hefty 20% discount if you buy over $60 and even though my total was $59.90 they gave it to me anyway. The customer service is superb. I had a few questions and all the salespeople were more than willing to help me. They even took a photo when I requested 🙂

Oh ad if you are accompanied by a spouse or a non-knitter, they even have a nice lounging area 🙂 How thoughtful.

Sorry for the bad pictures by the way. I forgot to take my camera and this is the best I could do with my blackberry.

Needless to say, I came back very happy and fulfilled 🙂 I was a good girl though, didnt buy any more than I needed but… I’ve already placed another order with them 😉 The best thing is that they are local, ok not really because it’s an hour and a half away but still, it’s nice to know that I can go there, pick up some yarn, have lunch at one of the many great restaurants in the area, do some shopping at Valley Fabrics (review to follow on PR) and make a day trip out of it!

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