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Super Quick April Project

Whew! Just in time. So as you know, this year I decided that I HAVE to sew at least one wearable item each month. So, while I am finishing the knitting UFOs this month, they still don’t count. Last evening I put my knitting aside to whip up this quick top. Now, I already had the pieces cut out from a year ago (that’s right, a year!!!) but never made it. I ran into a few problems with this one, like forgetting to cut the binding for the neck…

So, I decided to take the easy route and just do rolled hems on my serger. I stay stitched the V neckline and carefully rolled all the top edges, including the hem on my serger. I LOVE this finish and it’s so EASY. If you havent tried it, you’ve gotta give it a shot. Just serge slowly without stretching the fabric so you don’t end up with lettuce edging instead.

I know this is not from my wardrobe plan, but at least it’s a wearable project so I am good :). Next up… a silk scarf to go with this top!

Oh almost forgot about the pattern. It’s (unfortunately) an OOP Pattern from Burda.

Burda 8356.

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