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Super Quick April Project

Whew! Just in time. So as you know, this year I decided that I HAVE to sew at least one wearable item each month. So, while I am finishing the knitting UFOs this month, they still don’t count. Last evening I put my knitting aside to whip up this quick top. Now, I already had the pieces cut out from a year ago (that’s right, a year!!!) but never made it. I ran into a few problems with this one, like forgetting to cut the binding for the neck…

So, I decided to take the easy route and just do rolled hems on my serger. I stay stitched the V neckline and carefully rolled all the top edges, including the hem on my serger. I LOVE this finish and it’s so EASY. If you havent tried it, you’ve gotta give it a shot. Just serge slowly without stretching the fabric so you don’t end up with lettuce edging instead.

I know this is not from my wardrobe plan, but at least it’s a wearable project so I am good :). Next up… a silk scarf to go with this top!

Oh almost forgot about the pattern. It’s (unfortunately) an OOP Pattern from Burda.

Burda 8356.

Asparagus Risotto – A Knockoff!

Do you knock off more than just designer clothes? I do… You know I love to cook. But I also love to dine out. My favorite part of dining out? Coming home and recreating that dish in my kitchen my way.

Last month at Engine Co. No. 28 restaurant at PR Weekend Los Angeles, I fell in love with the Asparagus Risotto and decided that I needed to make this at home.

So, I got to work…

Gagan is away this week and even though it’s just me at home, I often take this time to try out new recipes and treat myself 🙂

Here’s my take on Asparagus Risotto and I must say I am very pleased with my version.

Now usually while making Risotto, it’s 1 part arborio rice and 6 parts liquid (water/stock). I do equal parts of water and vegetable stock which I heat up in separate pots so if I have any left over stock I can stick it back in the fridge.

One bundle Asparagus ( I think it’s about a pound??)
One cup Arborio rice
1-2 shallots, finely chopped
6 cups stock or water
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese (use more or less depending on your taste)
salt and pepper to taste
splash of white wine (if you like to add it in your risotto, I don’t)
butter, oil

Start your Risotto the usual way. I do butter and oil combo, saute shallots, add the rice, toast it, then start adding hot stock (you want to keep your stock/liquid really hot on the next burner. Keep stirring as the stock cooks and evaporates. I was watching Alton Brown’s Good Eats show one night and he gave a great tip on when to add more stock to risotto. Take your spatula and give it a vertical sweep across your pan. If you see liquid oozing out from both sides, you are good, if it’s pretty dry like it is in this photo, it’s time for more stock.

Ok, so you keep doing it until your risotto is almost done. Oh, and don’t forget to add salt and pepper.

While your risotto is cooking, lets prepare the asparagus. Snap the ends off and steam the whole bundle for 5 minutes. Take the asparagus out from the steamer and reserve 4-5 stems. Stick the rest in a food processor, add a little bit of stock or water and puree it.

When your risotto is almost done, instead of the last batch of liquid, add the asparagus puree. Chop the reserved asparagus and add it to the pan as well. Finally, add the Parmesan cheese and serve!

So, there you go… Asparagus Risotto. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did. So now tell me, what do you cook when you are home alone?

UFO Busting Week

So, the UFO contest on PR really inspired me back in January and believe it or not, it’s taken that long for the inspiration to finally kick in!

Ok, so I don’t really have any sewing UFOs but I have (or should I say HAD!) tons of knitting UFOs.

Why is that? I began to analyze it the other day and I’ve come up with the following reasons:

1. Knitting takes so much longer than sewing and I easily get bored with longer projects so I tend to put them aside in the hopes of coming back to it later.

2. If a project is too complicated and I don’t know how to proceed, in the fear of ruining it, I keep it aside.

3. Season change.

Now, yes the season is changing which means that I need to keep my wool stash away for a while (and by while I mean 3 months :), here in New England we don’t have the luxury of wearing summer clothes year round. But we have tons of snow! ). So, I decided to just bite the bullet and work my way through my knitting UFOs.

Project 1
Pattern: Mini Cardi from Fitted Knits book by Stephani Japel
Yarn: Lion Brand Super Bulky
Credit for this cardigan goes to Somwan who helped me where I was stuck. Her directions for knitting in the round for the sleeves were perfect.

And now, for the photo.

Cardi unbuttoned

Project 2
Pattern: Scrunchie Wrist warmers from the One Skein Wonders book
Yarn: Wollmeise from Germany at PR Weekend

Project 3
Pattern: Multidirectional Scarf By Karen Baumer (Free pattern!)
Yarn: Patons SWS in Earth colorway

This was a very enjoyable knit. The color changes kept my interest all the way! But it still took me over a year to finish it. Started it last year.

Project 4 – still working on it…
Pattern: Split Neck Tee from the Fitted Knits Book (Stephanie Japel)
Yarn: Cascade Flash – Cotton/Rayon yarn, feels like silk. A pleasure to knit with.

I’ve made really good progress on this tee. The upside is that unlike all the other projects above, I will be able to wear this tee right after I finish it. It’s starting to warm up here a bit. So I am knitting like mad. The 16″ of plain stockinette isnt very inspiring but I’ve done 5″ out of 16″, so it’s finally getting there. This will be my second wearable knitted item, so pretty excited!

I can’t tell you how great it feels to be able to clear the knitting stash and move on to other projects.

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