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Yesssss We went skiing this weekend and boy oh boy! It’s not easy is it? This was our first time. Since we live in New England (MA to be exact), the choices are limitless (are you jealous!). We could have technically tried in our backyard 😉 but we wanted to give it a “real” shot so we went up to Mt. Wachusett instead. Gagan and I both took a lesson and man, it looks easy but its sooo not! We need a LOT more lessons to be able to ski.

My cousin and her husband accompanied us and they dragged us to the green slope. We were so not ready for it. But boy the few seconds I was able to ski, it felt so nice. I am definitely going back there soon. All in all it was a fun day and I am glad I got to try something new. Hey, it’s almost insane not to atleast try skiing if you live in New England and if I can do it, anybody can.

My cousin took some photos, I’ll post them later.

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