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Finally a Sewing Weekend

So this was a perfect sewing weekend. I decided that for my February project I’d like to make a fitted shirt inspired by the Fitted Blouse Contest Discussions on PR. Even though its not in my Plan, but I’ll count it neverthless.

I’ve been in love with this pattern ever since it came out. And now it’s out of print 😦

Burda 8498
I am making View B with the sleeve flounces. I am using a really pretty turquoise linen which I think Nikki gave left for me at a fabric swap we had at my house a few years ago. I am not a color block kinda girl so I squeezed in all the pattern pieces in that fabric. It’ll all be one color. I might think about adding some vintage trim to the seams.

So yeah, I am pretty excited about this blouse. I’ll post a review soon on PR but just wanted to document it here on my blog just in case I back out 🙂 Well its too late to do that anyway cause I’m already well on my way. I’ve done the collar, the sleeves, the back AND I’ve basted and tested the fit too.

I am super excited!

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