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Silk Dyeing

As if I didn’t have enough hobbies already!

Oh c’mon… its fun so why not? My Sister in law, Aditi and I spent this Saturday learning how to dye silk scarves with the aid of Resist and dyes. We took this fabulous class from Donna who along with her friend Mary runs the Silk & Clay Studio close to where I live. It was so much fun coming up with designs and colors, which is also the hardest part of the whole process.

Silk is stretched over these wooden frames, design is traced with pencil on the fabric lightly and then we ran thin lines of resist over our designs and while it set we decided on our colors. I chose teal for one and maroon for the other (not pictured), while Aditi chose a vibrant purple and orange combo for one and lovely red and white for the other one.

Here’s Aditi (left) painting calla lilies on her chiffon scarf. And this is Me with Donna showing off Aditi’s completed scarf. Donna is going to let them dry for a couple of day and then steam set the dyes to set the color. And after that…. WE GET TO WEAR THEM! I am actually making Jalie 2794 in teal to match my scarf 🙂 Thanks Donna for a fantastic class! Oh if you are interested, check out their website for classes.

Oh BTW the top I am wearing in this photo is my January top from THE PLAN.

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