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Polenta – Indian Style!

So since Gagan turned vegetarian a few months ago, I try to come up with inventive recipes for him. He loves Polenta but we find it a bit too bland for our taste so I came up with this solution. Now polenta is very similar to a south indian dish called Upma which is made with cream of wheat/semolina instead of corn meal. So I thought… why not make it with instant polenta instead? And I came up with this.

Doesn’t it look pretty with all the veggies and specks of black mustard seeds? Good, and good for you!

You start with a little bit of oil and add some mustard seeds to it when the oil is hot. After they “pop” add chopped onion. When the onion has cooked through add your favorite veggies (chopped finely) to the pot and cook for another five minutes. Add salt, paprika, lemon juice. Then add boiling water and finally add polenta and stir continuously until its thick. I also add chopped cilantro just before its done. You can use any combination of veggies. I used green beans, bell peppers and frozen peas.

I love to cook and try new things whenever I can. Keeps life interesting!

February is DONE!

My sewing project for February is DONE! And what a satisfying project indeed. It’s a princess seam shirt which I’ll use as a template for many more shirts to come. I’ve written a detailed review of my shirt on PR so you can read it there if you want.


Yesssss We went skiing this weekend and boy oh boy! It’s not easy is it? This was our first time. Since we live in New England (MA to be exact), the choices are limitless (are you jealous!). We could have technically tried in our backyard 😉 but we wanted to give it a “real” shot so we went up to Mt. Wachusett instead. Gagan and I both took a lesson and man, it looks easy but its sooo not! We need a LOT more lessons to be able to ski.

My cousin and her husband accompanied us and they dragged us to the green slope. We were so not ready for it. But boy the few seconds I was able to ski, it felt so nice. I am definitely going back there soon. All in all it was a fun day and I am glad I got to try something new. Hey, it’s almost insane not to atleast try skiing if you live in New England and if I can do it, anybody can.

My cousin took some photos, I’ll post them later.

Finally a Sewing Weekend

So this was a perfect sewing weekend. I decided that for my February project I’d like to make a fitted shirt inspired by the Fitted Blouse Contest Discussions on PR. Even though its not in my Plan, but I’ll count it neverthless.

I’ve been in love with this pattern ever since it came out. And now it’s out of print 😦

Burda 8498
I am making View B with the sleeve flounces. I am using a really pretty turquoise linen which I think Nikki gave left for me at a fabric swap we had at my house a few years ago. I am not a color block kinda girl so I squeezed in all the pattern pieces in that fabric. It’ll all be one color. I might think about adding some vintage trim to the seams.

So yeah, I am pretty excited about this blouse. I’ll post a review soon on PR but just wanted to document it here on my blog just in case I back out 🙂 Well its too late to do that anyway cause I’m already well on my way. I’ve done the collar, the sleeves, the back AND I’ve basted and tested the fit too.

I am super excited!

Silk Dyeing

As if I didn’t have enough hobbies already!

Oh c’mon… its fun so why not? My Sister in law, Aditi and I spent this Saturday learning how to dye silk scarves with the aid of Resist and dyes. We took this fabulous class from Donna who along with her friend Mary runs the Silk & Clay Studio close to where I live. It was so much fun coming up with designs and colors, which is also the hardest part of the whole process.

Silk is stretched over these wooden frames, design is traced with pencil on the fabric lightly and then we ran thin lines of resist over our designs and while it set we decided on our colors. I chose teal for one and maroon for the other (not pictured), while Aditi chose a vibrant purple and orange combo for one and lovely red and white for the other one.

Here’s Aditi (left) painting calla lilies on her chiffon scarf. And this is Me with Donna showing off Aditi’s completed scarf. Donna is going to let them dry for a couple of day and then steam set the dyes to set the color. And after that…. WE GET TO WEAR THEM! I am actually making Jalie 2794 in teal to match my scarf 🙂 Thanks Donna for a fantastic class! Oh if you are interested, check out their website for classes.

Oh BTW the top I am wearing in this photo is my January top from THE PLAN.

Going BOLD! Again :)

Ok, one of the things I planned for this year is that I have to sew a “wearable” item each month, and so far I’ve been able to resist making more handbags but since I was able to wing a quick top (photo will follow later) in January I think I deserve a new handbag 🙂

So here you go.. I present THE COFFEE CUP!

This bag is from the book Bold Bags by one of my favorite handbag designers Joan Hawley, owner of Lazy Girl Designs. Joan is a genius in my opinion, cause I was able to make this bag (start to finish) in ONE hour! Gotta love that!

I’ve written a full review of this bag on PR as well as the moc croc sheets I used.

Sewing handbags is one of my favorite things to do and I hope this inspires you guys to sew your own handbags too!

I am also learning silk painting these days and later today I’ll post my progress on that. So fun!

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