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My Secret Santa

The moderators and I on PR played the secret santa gift exchange this year. My secret santa gift arrived yesterday from Jennifer who’s also a new mommy to Sarah!

It’s a knitting calendar! A year’s worth of knitting patterns to keep me busy.What a wonderful gift. Of course being the impatient girl that I am, I flipped through half a year’s worth of patterns to see what’s in store for me. The calendar has really cool patterns from funky hats to knitted toys even lots of easy sweaters and tons of felted handbags and lovely socks. I can’t wait to cast on!

Now I need one of these calendars for sewing too, since my goal for next year is to make one garment each month (at least).

Thanks Jennifer and Thanks Sharron for organizing this for us.

BTW I loved this exchange so much that I think I am going to do one on PR too. What fun!

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