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Kudos to Project Runway

Reality — How many of us like it? We don’t often like to talk about “real” movies, “real” food or for that matter our own “real” bodies. I find myself looking at the models or actresses on TV and sighing… “Look how thin she is!”

Have you given thought to how often we stop to admire reality? Not enough.

This is why I created and that’s why I love it when people create style on “real” bodies for “real” life.

I DVR Project Runway and last night I watched Episode 5 in which designers were asked to create styles for 12 average women. I couldn’t get enough of the show. I was glued to the TV. And my best part was when these women walked out on the runway. Each one of them looked gorgeous and confident. Of course my favorite was Elize (Designer Kevin). This was my favorite Project Runway episode. isn’t style all about being comfortable and confident in whatever you wear?

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