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Not enough time!

Do you ever feel there is not enough time to do things that you want to do? I bet you do! I feel like that almost every day but some days it’s just insane! Like today for example. I made a list of things I needed to do today but got nowhere near it!

Things need to get rolling for the first ever PR Weekend West Coast and I have no time to even think about it. I need to also set up the contests for next year and my sister in law was sweet enough to compile a handy list for the contests from the boards but I still need to finalize which contests will run next year and when. And lets not even talk about getting sponsors for the contest prizes. I keep telling myself – “Breathe!!!!”

I was thinking about making this really nice dish for dinner tonight which my mom made when she was here 4 years ago but the only thing is that it requires a lot of time so I guess that’s not happening today. Gagan, loves it so I am definitely going to make it sometime this week.

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